FuGang Hardware Electric Manufactory Co.,Ltd was founded in 1985. Located in ChaoLian industry Zone, JiangMen city, Guangdong China. Our company covers area of over 15000 square meters. Professional in production Metal box, tank and vary shell for equipment .Please browsing the www.fghardware.com.cn. Over the past two decades, Our company has gradually become a giant corporation to create so many new style household hardware products, like as the bathroom mirror cabinet, medical box, letter box, key cabinet, CD stander, message board, wine stander etc to export to hot-sell all over world. Also the more please browsing the www.fragmentedseries.com

         We have advanced machine and technique, to use famous brand name machine from Japan AMADA including heavy numerical control punch, heavy numerical flexible machine and heavy numerical cutting metal machine, so we can create so many new product sample quickly so that saving the time which waiting the product mould to be produced at first to get more chance to win the market. It by this excellence technics, a lot of well-known company was established the long term cooperation relationship with us as solid support to developing their product

         Our company have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, carring out the 6S administration so as to our 200 staff can work well in this situation to serve ourselves company better.

         Win-win is our tenet! Welcome to visit our company!

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